Welcome to the World of SciTech Kids

SciTech Kids is excited about our fall offerings and new topics that will be covered.  Children will learn about photosynthesis, robotics, micropscopic organisms, electric circuits, the human body, chemical reactions, upcycling, 3D prinitng and much more.  We also have new guests scheduled and partners such as littleBits who are testing out their innovative STEM gadgets and toys on our budding scientists. Our next question is, which SciTech Kid will be America's next top inventor?

Want to see a glimpse of what it's like to be a SciTech Kid? Check out our award-winning White House Student Film, Full S[T]EAM Ahead: How Technology Rocks the Classroom!

SciTech Kids nurtures children's sense of wonder and excitement about STEAM (science, technology, engineering and math + the Arts), by encouraging them to explore its limitless applications through hands-on activities which unlock their imagination. We spark children's innate curiosity and creativity through experimentation and fun, meaningful experiences. Working alongside real scientists, our kids, ages 3 to 15, are involved in authentic scientific inquiry that changes both the way they see themselves and the world.

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Our Vision

our visionImagine a world in which children, wearing lab coats and safety goggles, conduct a science experiment, and explore the mysteries of the body by dissecting a frog and playing detective at a crime scene.

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Our Approach

our approachWhat sets SciTech Kids apart is that our kids think like scientists. They learn science and scientific concepts by "doing science" that is connected to their everyday life, rather than watching someone else do it.

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Media Spotlight

wabc7 cutoutArt McFarland of WABC 7 spends the day with SciTech Kids Summer Camp in Central Park to see what experiential learning looks like.

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