Camp Themes 2018


Get ready to have the best summer ever at SciTech Kids, a hands-on, educational STEAM-based summer camp.

Whether your child is an Explorer (ages 4-5) just discovering the wonders of science, Adventurer (ages 6-8) Investigator (ages 9-12) or Techie (ages 13-14) summer camp activities include hands-on science projects and activities and presentations by scientists—all wrapped around dynamic weekly themes!

SciTech Kids provides a unique hands-on learning experience that builds STEAM skills in a program that is fun and educational. Students engage with scientists, technologists, and designers, in the areas of gaming, electronics, coding, wearable technology and photography.

Here’s just a brief glimpse of the some of the different themes and activities we will cover with our campers ages 4-14, this summer. Each week, campers will be immersed in activities that involve biology, chemistry, physics and engineering. Remember, these are only a sample of what our kids will be doing, not everything. (We need to keep some things under wraps.) Lunch, snack and all scientific supplies are always included. 

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Scitech Explorers (Ages 4-5)
Adventurers (Ages 6-8)

WEEK 1 (JUNE 11 - 15, 2018)
The K’nex Challenge: Be an Engineer!  
Use K’nex sets to help your child build different engineering-themed projects. Your child will build real-world machines that have real-world application.  As they tinker, they’ll learn, How do we build a roller coaster? What is the best way to build a bridge? They will also explore engineering concepts and participate in challenges to solve real-world problems The best part is they’ll using critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills to test and improve their creations.

WEEK 2 (JUNE 18 - 23, 2018)
Slime, Oobleck and Putty: Non Newtonian Fluids
Kids are mesmerized when they mix two liquids and get ooey, gooey SLIME! But did you know slime is an example of a non-Newtonian fluid? Campers will learn the secret to making the best slime and the science behind it. They’ll make all kinds of slime: puffy slime, glow-in-the-dark slime, magnetic slime, and heat-sensitive slime. They also learn about oobleck, another non-Newtonian fluid and make a large batch to test in Central Park.  Who knew science could be so fun! Other common substances that show non-Newtonian flow include ketchup, mayonnaise, yogurt and blood.

WEEK 3 (JUNE 25 - 29, 2018)
Under the Sea: Ocean Science
Kids are always fascinated by the ocean and ocean animals. They’ll earn about ocean zones and layers of the sea through hands-on animal habitat science projects. This week we’ll focus on some under-the-sea science questions? What are the five layers of the ocean? What type of sea animals live in each layer? Did you know that the ocean is home to some strange and mysterious critters, including some that could give the Justice League a run for their money? They’ll learn some master disguise while others fly .How does light travel through water?

WEEK 4 (JULY 2 - 6, 2018)
Space Exploration
This week, kids discover the frontiers of space! First, campers explore our Earth’s atmosphere before they learn about comets, planets, stars. They’ll learn about the challenges of space travel and the four forces of flight. Campers become fully involved as they become astronomers. They will also build and use different types of telescopes and make amazing science project such as marshmallow constellations.

WEEK 5 (JULY 9 - 13, 2017)
Secret Agent: CSI
Step into the shoes of a science detective by uncovering the science involved solving a crime scene. Learn how forensic scientists use clever ways of performing tasks with the science that spies use. We will create a scene of a crime, identify and collect evidence and make observations.  From decoding messages to metal detectors and night vision, campers will have the opportunity to check out spy equipment and discover the technological tools of detection!

WEEK 6 (JULY 16 - 20, 2018)
BOTS That Rock
Campers will learn to build and program robots. They'll learn how circuits work and the basics of computer programming to change how the robot moves. These cool robots fuse play with programming for kids of all ages as they learn how to code. This session is experiential learning at its best since they get to take home their newly build robot

WEEK 7 (JULY 23 - 27, 2018)
Messy Science
Summer is the perfect time for messy science activities because you can go outside and have  your experiments pop, explode or fizz. Kids will learn about gases and see how they can cause a lunch bag to explode or perform the Mentos and soda geyser.  

WEEK 8 (JULY 30- August 3, 2018)
The World of 3D Printing
Kids are fascinated by 3D printing and the possibilities of what it can do. Campers will use age-appropriate software to design and print a variety of objects. Campers will also use 3D pens to create amazing structures as they learn STEM skills and improve their motor skills.

WEEK 9 (August 6- 10, 2018)
How The Human Body Works
Kids are naturally curious about how their body works.  The human body is a brilliant machine that has many systems to keep it running.  This week, we’ll cover the digestive system, skeletal system, urinary system, circulatory system, respiratory system and much more.  
WEEK 10 (August 13- 17, 2018)
Ready, Set, Code
Have your child learn to code while developing critical thinking skills. Kids learn to design their own games or robots using a variety of age-appropriate programs. By the end of the week, your child will be a computer programming whiz.

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Scitech Investigators (Ages 9-12)
Techies (Ages 13-15)

SciTech Kids' goal is to empower our older campers to be Makers of technology rather than consumers while incorporating other aspects of science and the great outdoors. Each week, our theme includes both digital and physical components. This format ensures that our campers have ample amounts of screen time in front of our various digital media as well as ensuring they will participate in other hands-on STEAM topics such as architecture, engineering or science. Campers will also spend time outdoors to test designed projects such as flying powered paper airplanes.

WEEK 1 (JUNE 11 - 15, 2018)
Boat Building: A Flotation Device
What better way to enjoy the outdoors than by learning to build functional flotation devices using wood and recycled materials. The goal is to explore the science of boat building. First campers will design boat plans, then build and test their small models to see if they float. Next, kids will build larger vessels using hand tools and engineering skills that introduce them to the intricacies of boat design and construction.  When they launch their boat in the river will it sink or swim?  Your skipper will also learn how to row in Central Park, practice working as a team, and learn about plant and animal species around the river.       

WEEK 2 (JUNE 18 - 22, 2018)
Forensic Science:CSI
Calling all CSI enthusiasts! You’ll learn about different techniques used to solve a crime scene.  Learn how forensic scientists look at fingerprints, the categories of fingerprint patterns and the different types of prints that can be found at a crime scene. Students will be able to fingerprint themselves with both ink and powder techniques, and identify both their general fingerprint pattern.  We will create a crime scene, identify and collect evidence and make observations.  Kids will also learn about the components of blood, blood typing and how various blood groups have different antibodies and antigens.

WEEK 3 (JUNE 25 - 29, 2018)
Trash is Treasure: Repurposing Materials
Unleash your imagination! Kids will be given a challenge to design an object that solves a problem in our society.  They must figure out what kinds of recyclables are perfect for these STEM challenges?  Almost anything from Styrofoam, cardboard tubes to bottles, to CDs can be repurposed. Then add finishing touches such as paint or pipe cleaners to create a finished product.     
WEEK 4 (JULY 2 - 6, 2018) (Closed July 4th)
Kids Who Code
Become a computer scientist and learn computer languages such as Javascript and Python to program, design and animate stories and video games. Throughout the class, students will learn not just the code, but the *why* behind the code, setting a strong foundation for future growth.
WEEK 5 (JULY 9 - 13, 2018)
3D Printing and Modeling
Campers will dive deep into tech-based maker and tinkering projects using cutting-edge technology like 3D printing and visual programming to reach new heights with their innovative thinking, collaboration and creativity!  Afternoons will be spent sparking curiosity with theme-based activities and exhibit exploration. They will also use 3D pens to create amazing structures as they learn STEM skills and improve their motor skills.     

WEEK 6 (JULY 16 - 20, 2018)
Sharpen your robotics and coding skills as you build and program your own robots. Some robots will have arduino compatibility, allowing them to create moveable robots that light up and respond to sound and motion. These robots fuse play with various programming (including Tynker, Hopscotch, and Python) to prototype gadgets kids can dream up to create and share stories, animations and games.    

WEEK 7 (JULY 23 - 27, 2018)
Design Your Own Video Game
Design video games you have always dreamed of. Create your own characters and build challenging platform levels that include traps, coins, powerups, and spikes and more. Once your game is ready, you'll be able to share your game with other gamers online for the world to see. After your digital product is created, then build a physical video game using a gameboard, pixel by pixel, in a grid using blocks. Capture the game with an app and ultimately build an entire world around your hero.    

WEEK 8 (JULY 30- August 3, 2018)
Minecraft Mod
Learn to build personalized Minecraft mods. Use Minecraft to build your own worlds, solve puzzles, and create together!  Campers work both individually and in teams to take on each day’s exciting new building challenges. While building, they will see the connections between their Minecraft worlds and the real world and how math and science relate to Minecraft.  
They’ll also use a drag and drop code environment to construct Java code.    

WEEK 9 (August 6- 10, 2018)
3D Modeling and Printing
Kids are fascinated by 3D printing and the possibilities of what it can do. Campers will use modeling softwares to design and print a variety of 3D objects and observe the printing process. Campers will also use 3D pens to create amazing structures as they learn STEM skills and improve their motor skills.

WEEK 10 (August 13- 17, 2018)
Be A Costume Designer
Curious what it takes to be a costume designer?  We’ll take you to the Metropolitan Museum to explore the various costume designs and have you sketch your own costume based on either a character or superhero. Then use our sewing machine and other tools to create your finished product.

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