Tomorrowland Recap of Great ideas!

We are pleased to announce that a SciTech Kid was a winner in Disney's Create Tomorrowland XPRIZE Challenge.

Congratulations to Gabrielle Nafie whose drawing of a Bee Origamiibot won in the 8 to 12 year old division. Gabrielle will receive $3,000, a 3D printer, tickets to see the Tomorrowland movie, and a video camera to keep a video diary of her mentor experience with a STEM expert. In June, she'll begin a mentorship program, where she's be paired up with an amazing trailblazer who is shaping the future now. To see the official announcement, click here.

We also want to congratulate and thank all of our SciTech Kids who submitted their wonderful ideas. Miles Pilchik, Elliot Ruo, Haven Tinsley, Scott Tinsley and Jack Duchey, all shared their creativity and awesome ideas and had a part in creating a better tomorrow. They are all winners in our eyes.

Click here to view more entries from SciTech Kids!

Disney & SciTech Kids: Tomorrowland

DISNEY & SciTech Kids invite 
to our 


DATE: Friday, May 15, 2015 
TIME: 3 PM - 5:30 PM
LOCATION: New York Junior League 
@ 130 East 80th Street (Lex & Park Ave) 
FREE  & Invite Your Friends 

Join us as kids participate in activities ranging from "Creating Your TOMORROWLAND,"  a TOMORROWLAND themed Scavenger Hunt, tinker with robots of the future & much more! 

TOMORROWLAND Movie Passes, Posters & Other Giveaways will be distributed throughout the day. 

Prizes include $3,000 & a 3D Printer

HAVE A QUESTION: 212.804.7055 or contact us

SciTech Kids' Spring Classes Are Now In Bloom

SciTech Kids' Spring Classess Are Now In Bloom!

Minecraft Mod

Beneath the world of Minecraft is a fascinating world of computer programming. Using Blockly or Javascript, avid Minecraft players learn a range of coding concepts like loops, functions

and conditionals to “mod” (modify) Minecraft. Even if they’ve never coded before, kids learn to mod and bring their ideas to life with code. Enhance your child’s Minecraft experience with programming as they also learn about architecture (medieval castles, skyscrapers, etc.), ancient ruins, trebuchet, the weather, aquatic biomes (coral reefs and sharks), Minecraft circuits, and are transformed from a Minecraft gamer to Maker. 

Wearable Technology

Interested in light up fashion, solar-powered backpacks or smart accessories? Want to design a t-shirt that monitors your heart rate and sends the data to your Smartphone? This class introduces kids to the world of wearable technology.  It brings together fashion, 3D printing, electronics, and coding as kids use cutting edge technologies to make wearable devices, interactive LED-decorated clothing and accessories, high-tech sensors and soft circuit toys.  The design possibilities are endless.

Design Your Own Video Game

Design your interactive games with different backgrounds, characters and portals then share them with your friends and publish online for fellow gamers to see.  Build challenging platform levels that include traps, coins, power-ups, spike and much more. Students learn STEM-focused principles: prototyping, design thinking, teamwork, trial and error and collaboration, as they develop ideas and put them into action. 

The World of 3D Printing  

3-D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing and the possibilities of what can be 3D printed are endless.  3D printers make everything from car parts to body parts. This year, SciTech Kids will 3D print food such as pasta, icing sugar and even Nutella with our new extruder. Students will eat 3D printed treats! As they learn STEM, kids will print 3D a variety of structures, even toys! 

President Obama Praises SciTech Kids

President Obama Praises SciTech Kids at White House Student Film Festival

             Film showcases STEAM program through 8 year old eyes

 New York, NY, March 2, 2014: On Friday, February 28th, Gabrielle Nafie and Miles Pilchik, both 8, and their film   Full S[T]EAM Ahead: How Technology Rocks the Classroom, were featured at the  inaugural White House Student Film Festival.

The film, narrated by Gabrielle and Miles shows how SciTech Kids afterschool, weekend and summer programs are rocking the classroom with STEAM programming. The kids along with Kim Magloire, President of SciTech Kids created the three-minute film for submission.

In his remarks, President Obama, said, “You’ve got Gabrielle Nafie and Miles Pilchik from SciTech Kids in New York.  They showed us that their class isn’t just dreaming about going into space, they're actually going into space.  They designed density experiments and used a 3-D printer to build tiny satellites to hold them.  And then they actually launched a giant balloon that carried their satellites up to the edge of space - very cool – so they could collect the data.  When I was in elementary school, I was not launching satellites into space.” (video)

“SciTech Kids gives young children the opportunity to see Science and Technology without limits,” says Kim Magloire of SciTech Kids. “Having the ability to have our students’ work showcased at the White House is truly amazing but hearing President Obama, speak about our kids and their work with such excitement is beyond anything I ever could have hoped for,” adds Magloire.

In November, the White House Student Film Festival announced a call for video submissions that highlight the power of technology in schools. Out of 2500 submissions, 16 films were chosen.

“What makes SciTech Kids different is our belief that STEAM should be introduced to children as early as possible. The PongSat mission, an initiative of JP Aerospace allowed our kids to conceptualize and then conduct their own experiments was truly remarkable. Students even designed the PongSat balls using a 3D printer,” adds Magloire.

 “Gabrielle and Miles were great ambassadors for SciTech and their schools. From Gabrielle’s “thank you” to Miles’ high five, we could not be more proud of them.  “As we were leaving the White House, they were already talking about next year’s festival. We are very proud of them.”

To watch the SciTech Kids video click here and for more information visit and

To read President Obama's remarks

Sci-Tech Kids goes to Washington!

What a day we had in Washington, DC yesterday! Check out the White House Student Film Festival where SciTech was included as a finalist.  President Obama even mentioned our SciTech Kids ambassadors, Gabrielle Nafie and Miles Pilchik, while explaining Sci Tech Kids (or as he liked to call us Science Sci Tech Kids) experiment in great detail.  We are so excited that the President and his team, likes what we are doing.  Check out this video  and story by Time Out New York Kids.

And check out this related story in story by Time Out New York Kids.

SciTech Kids has been invited to the White House!

SciTech Kids has been invited to the White House as part of the first annual Student Film Festival on February 28th! It's Full S[T]EAM Ahead: How Technology Rocks the Classroom!

SciTech Kids at SWSX Edu

We are so excited to report that SciTech Kids has been selected once again to speak at SXSW Edu in March. Stay tuned for more information on our presentation!

SciTech Kids Launch Unique Experiments Into Space

100 PongSats Launched From Balloons with Experiments As Unique
as the NYC Children Who
Created Them 

 New York, NY, May 5, 2013 SciTech Kids, an educational company that nurtures a love for science through its afterschool, weekend and summer camp programs is pleased to announce that 100 PongSat experiments created by students, ages 3-18, will be flown to the edge of the Earth's atmosphere, more than 100,000 feet, experiencing low pressure, cosmic rays and temperatures below130◦F on Saturday, April 6, 2013.

The PongSat mission, an initiative of JP Aerospace in Cordova, Calif. is a do-it-yourself space program that allows ping pong ball satellites (dubbed PongSats) created by students from all over the globe will be carried by weather balloons and then brought back to Earth so that the students can observe their findings.

"When I first learned about PongSats, I knew the kids would find this space mission exciting, says Kim Magloire, President of SciTech Kids. "But watching budding scientists conceptualize and then conduct their own experiments was truly remarkable. Students even designed the PongSat balls using a 3D printer."

From what happens when you put different types of seeds, to a marshmallow, a small computer with sensors that detect humidity and temperature in space to a Lego, SciTech Kids will be watching and waiting to see what happens to their experiment. "I want to see what happens to my marshmallow in space," says Hannah Kanbar, age 7. James Roddy, age 15, put a tiny neodymium rare-earth magnet inside his PongSat during his class at the New York Junior League. "Let's see if it loses its magnetic properties." Even a few parents, inspired by their child's enthusiasm, decided to participate. Deborah Zimbler, the parent of a first grader, filled her PongSat with beans to see what effect space would have on their growth when they are planted on Earth.

"It is really cool," says Noel Davidson, a third grade student, who participates in the afterschool program at PS 198M in Manhattan. "I feel so lucky that I'm able to design my very own experiment within a ping pong ball!

"Breaking down the fear of science and scientific discovery is what SciTech Kids is all about," adds Magloire." I can't wait until the PongSats return to Earth and I gather all of my young scientists in one room to discuss their results on Saturday, May 4. Watching them share their findings with other students who participated will also be a learning experience. They made a contribution to science."

For more information on SciTech Kids program and initiatives or our findings front his experiment, please visit

How to Choose A Camp by Kim Magloire

Looking for a new camp experience, Kim Magloire offers some helpful tips in this Parent Guide News article. Click here.

The STEMS of Discovery

In this month's New York Family, Kim Magloire and SciTech Kids programs were featured. To read the article, click here.

Kim Magloire speaks at IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference

 Kim Magloire speaks at IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference

Kim Magloire will present a case study of the SciTech Kids Electronic Art (SKEA) workshops at the IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference at Princeton University on March 10, 2013.  SKEA integrates art into their STEM curriculum which introduces young children to the basics of electronics and technology.  It is a craft-based, hands-on approach that allows participants to tinker and produce interactive electronic objects such as robots, pop-up cards, and pop-up houses. The workshops provide a new way of drawing connections about STEM topics by emphasizing the synergy between engineering and art. The SKEA approach holds great promise since it helps a greater number of young learners, especially girls, experience STEAM as an engaging process of inquiry and become active makers. 

Kim Magloire Speaks at the 2013 SXSWEDU & Interactive Conferences

Kim Magloire Speaks at the SXSWEDU Conference in Austin TX on March 4 & 10th

Kim Magloire speaks at the SXSWEDU conference about why US students are doing poorly in science and math on March 4th at 130pm and March 10th at 3:30pm.

Magloire will address what are the issues preventing American students from exceling in science and math and choosing STEM careers. She will analyze the success of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs that are making a significant impact and how their achievements can be expanded to improve retention rates of science and math majors.

Magloire will also present the findings of her study about the SciTech Kids Electronic Art (SKEA) which helps a greater number of young learners, especially girls, experience STEM as an engaging process of inquiry and become active makers, designers, and scientists. 

See more at http://www>

SciTech Kids featured in Black Enterprise Magazine

Check out the September issue of Black Enterprise Magazine as Kim Magloire discusses how to increase the pipeline of African American students who enter STEM-related fields.

Check out the September issue of Black Enterprise Magazine as Kim Magloire discusses how to increase the pipeline of African American students who enter STEM-related fields.

SciTech Deploys Augmented Reality (AR)

SciTech Incorporates Augmented Reality (AR) into its curricula to enhance student learning. Using AR technology in the classroom brings science to life as students interact with 3D models and engage in project-based learning that raises the bar in their learning experiences.

WABC 7's Art McFarland spends day with SciTech Science Camp

Art McFarland of WABC 7 spends the day with SciTech Science Camp

Young Minds Learn the Super Powers of Science

Hands on Science and Technology Programs for Kids 3-15

NEW YORK, March 12, 2012 –SciTech Kids (, a division of SciTech Education, a provider of science enrichment for children, will be offering innovative science and technology programs, such as camp, preschool and afterschool programs as well as birthday parties,  geared to spark a child’s innate curiosity and creativity through rich, hands-on, captivating experiences in New York City.


SciTech Kids Exhibited at the USA Science & Engineering Festival on April 28 -29

SciTech Kids was proud be an exhibitor at the 2nd Annual USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington DC on April 28-29, 2012. Thousands of kids and their parents came to see how kicking a soccer ball or wearing a wrist grip charger can generate enough energy to power an LED light. They built solar powered robots and toys and observed cars powered by water.

Thanks to all the parents, children and educators who stopped by our booth. We look forward to seeing you next year!

For more information, please visit

SciTech Education Empowers Haitian Girls

prnewswire logoNEW YORK, Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- SciTech Educational Solutions (, a consulting firm that innovatively teaches science and math to the brightest minds in New York, traveled to Haiti to highlight how easily Haiti's Youth can be empowered.

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