SciTech Kids' Spring Classes Are Now In Bloom

SciTech Kids' Spring Classess Are Now In Bloom!

Minecraft Mod

Beneath the world of Minecraft is a fascinating world of computer programming. Using Blockly or Javascript, avid Minecraft players learn a range of coding concepts like loops, functions

and conditionals to “mod” (modify) Minecraft. Even if they’ve never coded before, kids learn to mod and bring their ideas to life with code. Enhance your child’s Minecraft experience with programming as they also learn about architecture (medieval castles, skyscrapers, etc.), ancient ruins, trebuchet, the weather, aquatic biomes (coral reefs and sharks), Minecraft circuits, and are transformed from a Minecraft gamer to Maker. 

Wearable Technology

Interested in light up fashion, solar-powered backpacks or smart accessories? Want to design a t-shirt that monitors your heart rate and sends the data to your Smartphone? This class introduces kids to the world of wearable technology.  It brings together fashion, 3D printing, electronics, and coding as kids use cutting edge technologies to make wearable devices, interactive LED-decorated clothing and accessories, high-tech sensors and soft circuit toys.  The design possibilities are endless.

Design Your Own Video Game

Design your interactive games with different backgrounds, characters and portals then share them with your friends and publish online for fellow gamers to see.  Build challenging platform levels that include traps, coins, power-ups, spike and much more. Students learn STEM-focused principles: prototyping, design thinking, teamwork, trial and error and collaboration, as they develop ideas and put them into action. 

The World of 3D Printing  

3-D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing and the possibilities of what can be 3D printed are endless.  3D printers make everything from car parts to body parts. This year, SciTech Kids will 3D print food such as pasta, icing sugar and even Nutella with our new extruder. Students will eat 3D printed treats! As they learn STEM, kids will print 3D a variety of structures, even toys!