Kids Resources

Learning about science does not have to be limited to the classroom. Science websites offer a range of information and activities for kids. SciTech Kids lists some of the coolest websites that offer homework help, interactive games, virtual labs, videos, and contests for kids.  Science Sites for Kids
If you’re looking for a great website that links you to the most popular science resources for kids, than is it! You’ll a variety of sites that focus on Amusement Park Science, how stuff works, and cool experiments for kids.
Are you looking for the latest topics about science and cutting-edge innovations? Then go to PBS .org to learn about the origin of the universe, drilling into the coldest part of the Earth, or the secret life of whales and dolphins.

Try Science
Do you want to take a virtual field trip to a museum or learn about cool, science experiments or games? Visit Try Science and explore their many resources.

Explore an animated educational science site that helps you learn energy, matter, engineering, ecology and plants.

Discovery Education
Discovery Education has lots of kid resources that include homework help, interactive games, videos, contest, and virtual labs to help you expand your knowledge of science.

NASA Kids’ Club
Interested in space and the universe? The NASA Science For Kids site has great interactive games, images, and videos that engages kids to become space explorers. Learn about America’s space agency and the latest updates on NASA missions.