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After-School & Weekend Workshops

Children experience science as an engaging process of inquiry and discovery. They are placed in the role of investigator and are immersed in hands-on activities that draw upon their sense of curiosity and adventure.  While immersed in these activities, they explore, think critically, and problem solve. 

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Class sortClassAgeDay #DayTimeLocationStart DateEnd DateLink
1Discoverer18-30 mo4Wed1:00 PMSciTech Kids1/113/19
1Discoverer18-30 mo2Mon11:15 AMSciTech Kids1/235/1
2Explorer3-5 yrs5Thurs2:15 PMEmanu-El1/53/2
2Explorer3-5 yrs3Tues12:30 PMSciTech Kids1/104/18
2Explorer3-5 yrs3Tues3:30 PMSciTech Kids1/104/18
2Explorer3-5 yrs3Tues4:30 PMSciTech Kids1/104/18
2Explorer3-5 yrs3Tues9:45 AMSciTech Kids1/104/18
2Explorer3-5 yrs4Wed4:00 PMSciTech Kids1/114/19
2Explorer3-5 yrs5Thurs3:30 PMSciTech Kids1/124/20
2Explorer3-5 yrs5Thurs4:30 PMSciTech Kids1/123/23
2Explorer3-5 yrs5Thurs12:15 PMSciTech Kids1/124/13
2Explorer3-5 yrs7Sat9:30 AMSciTech Kids1/144/22
2Explorer3-5 yrs2Mon12:15 PMSciTech Kids1/235/1
2Explorer3-5 yrs2Mon9:45 AMSciTech Kids1/234/24
2Explorer3-5 yrs2MonPS 198M1/305/8
3Adventurer6-8 yrs3:30 PMHome1/14/30
3Adventurer6-8 yrs3Tues3:30 PMSciTech Kids1/104/18
3Adventurer6-8 yrs3Tues4:30 PMSciTech Kids1/104/18
3Adventurer6-8 yrs4Wed4:00 PMSciTech Kids1/114/19
3Adventurer6-8 yrs5Thurs4:30 PMSciTech Kids1/124/20
3Adventurer6-8 yrs7Sat10:30 AMSciTech Kids1/144/22
3Adventurer6-8 yrs4Wed2:20 PMPS 198M1/255/10
3Adventurer6-8 yrs5Thurs3:30 PMRamaz School1/264/20
4Investigator9-12 yrs3Tues3:30 PMSciTech Kids1/104/18
4Investigator9-12 yrs4Wed4:00 PMSciTech Kids1/114/19
4Investigator9-12 yrs6Fri4:00 PMSciTech Kids1/134/21
4Investigator9-12 yrs7Sat11:30 AMSciTech Kids1/143/25
4Investigator9-12 yrs2Mon4:30 PMSciTech Kids1/234/24
4Investigator9-12 yrs4Wed3:00 PMPS 198M1/255/10
4Investigator9-12 yrs5Thurs3:30 PMRamaz School1/264/20
5Scientist13-15 yrs4Wed5:00 PMSciTech Kids1/114/19