Preschool Program

SciTech Kids introduces our youngest budding scientists to the mysteries of science through playful, hands-on science experiences. Science and math concepts arise naturally as they observe a plant growing from a seed, study weather patterns, and build rockets. Science activities are also great opportunities for preschoolers to improve their fine motor skills as they manipulate items such as eyedroppers and tweezers. Simple activities can be the building blocks of a lifelong love of science.

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Classes meet once a week for 55 minutes and consist of a small multiage group, which promote peer-to-peer learning. Class size is approximately 8 to 12 children.

SciTech Explorers

Ages 3 to 5
scitech kids preschoolOur preschoolers discover and explore natural phenomena through observations, experimentation, storytelling, and creative play. While engaging in a science activity, they are invited to observe, predict and interpret their findings. Budding scientists learn about ecosystems, chemical reactions, biodiversity, magnetism, light, colors, dinosaurs, gravity, different forms of energy, and how to build simple robots using cutting-edge, modular building blocks.


Class sortClassAgeDay #DayTimeLocationStart DateEnd DateLink
1Discoverer18-30 mo4Wed1:00 PMSciTech Kids1/113/19
1Discoverer18-30 mo2Mon11:15 AMSciTech Kids1/235/1
2Explorer3-5 yrs5Thurs2:15 PMEmanu-El1/53/2
2Explorer3-5 yrs3Tues12:30 PMSciTech Kids1/104/18
2Explorer3-5 yrs3Tues3:30 PMSciTech Kids1/104/18
2Explorer3-5 yrs3Tues4:30 PMSciTech Kids1/104/18
2Explorer3-5 yrs3Tues9:45 AMSciTech Kids1/104/18
2Explorer3-5 yrs4Wed4:00 PMSciTech Kids1/114/19
2Explorer3-5 yrs5Thurs3:30 PMSciTech Kids1/124/20
2Explorer3-5 yrs5Thurs4:30 PMSciTech Kids1/123/23
2Explorer3-5 yrs5Thurs12:15 PMSciTech Kids1/124/13
2Explorer3-5 yrs7Sat9:30 AMSciTech Kids1/144/22
2Explorer3-5 yrs2Mon12:15 PMSciTech Kids1/235/1
2Explorer3-5 yrs2Mon9:45 AMSciTech Kids1/234/24
2Explorer3-5 yrs2MonPS 198M1/305/8
3Adventurer6-8 yrs3:30 PMHome1/14/30
3Adventurer6-8 yrs3Tues3:30 PMSciTech Kids1/104/18
3Adventurer6-8 yrs3Tues4:30 PMSciTech Kids1/104/18
3Adventurer6-8 yrs4Wed4:00 PMSciTech Kids1/114/19
3Adventurer6-8 yrs5Thurs4:30 PMSciTech Kids1/124/20
3Adventurer6-8 yrs7Sat10:30 AMSciTech Kids1/144/22
3Adventurer6-8 yrs4Wed2:20 PMPS 198M1/255/10
3Adventurer6-8 yrs5Thurs3:30 PMRamaz School1/264/20
4Investigator9-12 yrs3Tues3:30 PMSciTech Kids1/104/18
4Investigator9-12 yrs4Wed4:00 PMSciTech Kids1/114/19
4Investigator9-12 yrs6Fri4:00 PMSciTech Kids1/134/21
4Investigator9-12 yrs7Sat11:30 AMSciTech Kids1/143/25
4Investigator9-12 yrs2Mon4:30 PMSciTech Kids1/234/24
4Investigator9-12 yrs4Wed3:00 PMPS 198M1/255/10
4Investigator9-12 yrs5Thurs3:30 PMRamaz School1/264/20
5Scientist13-15 yrs4Wed5:00 PMSciTech Kids1/114/19